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Cockroaches love warm places especially with food and other biomatter such as rubbish or human waste. They carry bacteria and fungi that can be harmful to humans, sometimes spreading salmonella, staph and strep infections. They have even been linked to childhood asthma and eczema through their droppings. Ick!
Coackroaches breed quickly so it’s important to act as soon as you notice their presence. If you can see one, there are at least ten that you can’t see.


Many people think mice are cute, until they take up residence in the house or workplace and start becoming a nuisance. As well as multiplying quickly and spreading germs through their droppings, mice can cause damage by gnawing electrical cables, paper, furniture and food. Mice can slip through small gaps and can be hard to catch.
Mousetraps are usually effective if there are one or two mice, but stop the problem getting out of hand and call Universal Pest Control.


If you suspect that rats are the problem, don’t waste a minute before calling Universal Pest Control. You don’t want a small problem to escalate in to an infestation!
Rats are agile, breed quickly and can be aggressive to humans and pets. They are well known to spread disease, damage property and contaminate human and animal food and water. Rats can also bring other ‘guests’ with them such as fleas, lice and ticks.


Apart from some being venomous and deadly, a small number of spiders is generally not a problem as they help to control other pests around the building. However, a large number of spiders indicates the presence of too many other pests that need controlling.

If your spider population is dangerous – funnel-webs, redbacks – or if you aren’t sure what kind of spiders you’ve found, act quickly to protect your family, workers, animals and visitors to your property. Call Universal Pest Control today.


Ants are so annoying!!  There is never just one and some of them even bite!  There are many natural and home remedies for dealing with ants inside, from cinnamon and peppermint to liquid dish soap!
You’re welcome to try those remedies, but if you want to deal with the immediate problem quickly and ant-proof your home or office for the future, call in the professionals. Universal Pest Control will remove those ubiquitious pests, saving your plants from damage and to avoid you getting ‘ants-y’ about the problem!  


Did you know that a termite colony can consume 5g of wood per day?  That insignificant amount adds up to about 1.8kg of wood per year! And termites can live undetected in a property for years, doing untold damage to the structural integrity of your buildings. 

It’s important you get the right information about termites in your present property or before you purchase another property. Contact Universal Pest Control to determine if there is currently a termite issue and to carry out appropriate treatment for your situation.


Some people get immediately itchy at the sound of this word. Consult the professionals, Universal Pest Control, to 
understand the scale of the problem and to develop the most suitable course of action.

Nobody wants to visit your home/office/factory expecting to be bitten by mossies! To be honest, we don’t either, but we look forward to meeting with you to understand your situation.


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