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Building inspections to keep your family safe.

You wouldn’t take your family on a boat you knew was sinking. Yet purchasing a property without knowing that the house and surrounding structures are sound is much the same.  

Click below to download our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection agreement and engage Universal Pest Control to conduct an accredited, officially-recognised building inspection report on your prospective home. It’s better to know before you buy. 

Pest inspections because you need to be sure.

A Timber Pest inspection report is different to a standard building inspection report. You need both, especially in naturally wooded areas like the beautiful Hunter and Central Coast. Engage Universal Pest Control to fully inspect the home you want to purchase, looking for timber damage, signs of termite infestation and the need for treatment. Download the Timber Pest Report agreement form here.

Click here for a Timber Building Inspection Pre-Engagement Agreement

Click here for the Universal HouseSafe Fee and Inspection Agreement

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